Torrent Suppressors T3K Ti .30 CAL RIFLE

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Don’t let the size fool you, Torrent’s T3K Ti might be the shorty of the bunch, but in this case, smaller might actually be better. The T3K Ti only adds 5 inches and a negligible 6 ounces to your set up, making this suppressor extremely operator friendly. Plus, you get impressive noise reduction without adding too much weight or length.Its titanium constructed core yields an incredibly robust platform. Not only can it handle the heat, but it also accepts standard 1.375x24 mounting options, including the Dead Air’s Key-MO, SilencerCo’s ASR, and the Q Plan B. Versatility and durability just met their match with Torrent’s T3K Ti.

  • Compatible Mounts: Hideout™ Muzzle Device & QD Mount Set by Torrent, Dead Air™ Key-MO™, SilencerCo.™ ASR™, JMac RRD-2C X37 or Industry Standard 1.375”-24 TPI
  • Caliber: Up to 300 Win Mag
  • Color Finish: High-Temperature Cerakote®Length: 5” Without Mount
  • Diameter: 1.5”
  • Weight 6oz
  • Sound Reduction at ear 300BLK Sub Sonic 139dB
  • Material: Titanium 6Al-4V (Grade 5)
  • Full Auto Rating: RESPONSIBLE
What’s in the Box?
  • User manual (in QR code form)
  • Suppressor
  • 1.375x24 Torrent Direct Thread Mount for 5/8x24 barrel thread

Barrel Recommendations
  • Barrel Length Recommendations for Torrent Suppressors
  • 9” if .300 blackout
  • 10.5” if 556
  • 15” if 300WM
  • 16” for 6.5

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Use Code sep5off75 to save 5% on orders over $75, Not valid on all items.