• Notary Services

  • NFA Engraving

  • Firearm Cleaning

  • AR15 Assembly

  • Firearm Transfers

  • Lay-A-Way

* Information below is subject to change.....

Notary Services -

Notary service are provide for Concealed Weapons Applications, Firearms Trust and any other forms or documents the may require the processing of a notary.

NFA Engraving -

NFA Engraving is done on the ejection port side on the Armory Dynamics lowers. Once engraved, the area is filled back in by re-anodizing the machined text. This completes the professional look and protects the engraved area. The finished product looks like it was done before the original anodizing. You may choose to not have it filled in if you plan to do a color fill in it once it is returned.

$80.00 (Discount for multiple receivers with same exact engraving machined at the same time) / Personal information in the images of the lowers covered for privacy.

Firearm Cleaning -

Firearm completely dissembled, every small part ultrasonically cleaned & scrubbed head to toe. Firearm is then assembled and function tested.

$65.00 Minimum charge.

AR-15 Assembly -

Subject to bench charge(s).

Firearm Transfers -

Single transfers are $30.00 ($20 for Veterans) for hand guns or rifles. For Two firearms $25.00 each

After initial transfer any future transfers with Armory Dynamics are $5.00 less. Any Transferable item that is not picked up within 15 days of arrival begin accruing storage fees. Current storage fee is $20 per month. Items left over 365 calendar days are subject to resale. Sample 4473


*Armory Dynamics offers a layaway program for firearms not longer than 6 months on handguns & rifles (Must be over $400 Value). *Lower receivers require a 50% deposit and is not refundable under any circumstances.

In Stock Items

  • A minimum of $50.00 deposit is required (nonrefundable)
  • *Payment at least every other week no longer than 24 weeks (6 months) total.
  • 50% of the layaway program is nonrefundable should you choose to change your mind.
  • Cash or check is preferred for the layaway program.
  • We offer ACH billing (Cost per transaction charge is $5.00).
    • For ACH must provide a cancelled check.
    • Insufficient funds will be charge of $45.00 plus additional bank fees.
  • Credit cards are subject to an additional 5% fee per transaction.
  • Credit card or transaction fees are added to price and are nonrefundable
  • We accept Bill Payments from banks.
  • Any item not paid for after the time allotted is nonrefundable and all money is forfeited.
  • Firearms will not be set aside or earmarked until a minimum of 75% of the total payment is placed on the lay-a-way.
  • Failure to pass a background check constitutes breach of lay-a-way terms and the full amount of the lay-a-way and any associated fees are forfeit.

Pre-Order Items

  • Paid in Full
  • Balance due at time of order.
  • Canceling or failure to pick up is a breach of terms and non refundable

Terms of Lay-A-Way program may change at any time. Terms do not change on current Items on lay-a-way. Final Payment is due no later than 90 days for lowers or 90 days for Rifle and Handguns & Shotguns.

This layaway purchase agreement is between both parties, to ensure that both parties fulfill their requirements. By signing, you acknowledge that you have read and fully understand the terms.

Terms of Lay-A-Way program may change at anytime. Terms do not change on current Items on lay-a-way.
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