CGS HYDRA-AL  22LR Supressor

CGS HYDRA-AL 22LR Supressor

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3.53 ounces. Aside from being the weight of a standard deck of cards, it is also how light the Hydra suppressor from Chaos Gear Supply (CGS) is. As far as silencers go, it does not get much lighter than this groundbreaking .22LR rimfire unit. Needless to say, its maneuverability is unmatched. Moreover, its ease of disassembly makes the Hydra’s maintenance beyond convenient, which affords more time actually running the can instead of cleaning it. Talk about a win-win!

Founded in nebular New Mexico, CGS creates a wide range of rifles (e.g., tactical, hunting, target), as well as an impressive line of suppressors. By focusing on cutting-edge designs, they are able to offer some very unique and revolutionary silencers to firearm enthusiasts. Introducing the compact and lightweight Hydra to the market is the begining for the CGS brand.

Further Intel

In addition to its cloud-like weight, the Hydra sports a compact (5.6” long) build that encompasses an anodized aluminum baffle stack. The individual baffles are tapered for simple assembly and can be easily removed from the tube for cleaning. The forward-thinking CGS engineers crafted an Orion baffle design inspired by the NASA space shuttle of the same name to increase overall durability and resiliency. (If NASA approves, we approve.) Considering the Hydra’s price point is far from out of this world, adding one (or more) to your suppressor arsenal is not rocket science.


WEIGHT3.5 oz
FINISHT3 Hardcoat Anodize, Nitride
BUILD MATERIAL6061 T6 Aluminum, 7075 T6 Aluminum

Rapid Fire

  • Weight: 3.53 ounces (Light as a feather!)
  • Length: 5.6”
  • Diameter: 1”
  • Build material: aluminum (tube: 6061-T6; baffles: 7075-T6)
  • Finish: black T3 hard-coat anodized
  • Easy to disassemble/clean
  • At that discounted price, what a steal of a deal!

What’s In the Box?

  • Proprietary tool for disassembly
  • CGS sticker
  • User manual

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